Being accountable for daily or weekly tasks, whether they be personal or business focused, is not always easy. There are always going to be things we automatically do as part of our every day lives but then there are those things which we put off until the ‘timing is right’. There may be any number of reasons for this: we don’t like doing it, it’s too difficult to do, we don’t have the skills, we don’t have the time – you name it, we can always come up with some excuse that will keep us from doing that task. It might be around starting a new exercise regime, learning a new skill, eating the right food, creating a budget or saving plan, studying for exams.

One thing I notice for myself is that I thrive on having a deadline, I like connecting with people and I don’t like letting them down. Sometimes I let myself down and naturally enough I do find some tasks more enjoyable if I have someone to do it with or talk to about. I recently encountered a situation where someone close to me was finding it difficult to get motivated to do the things they wanted to do. It was interesting during the course of the conversation that I realised I was feeling the same. Upon reflection I think there’s a lot of that going on at the moment with so many people either working from home or not being allowed to leave their homes.

So whilst times are strangely different and face to face connection is less frequent right now, there is still an opportunity to support each other from afar, and one way of doing that is a simple phone call, zoom or face to face catch up with an accountability buddy. In offering myself to be an accountability buddy, not only have I managed to get them back on track with their focus and goals but it’s reflected back onto me and created an impetus for my own movement forward. It’s interesting to think my goal of supporting this person became a reciprocal beneficial interaction where I too am now held to account. The interesting thing is that we don’t even need to be working towards the same goal or focus on the same area of interest, the fact that we can just touch base daily is motivation enough. So whether you turn to a coach, mentor, friend or family member for accountability on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the human interaction, connection and support will certainly reap its rewards.