For years one of my life goals has been to become an eXtra in a movie or on TV and so my Adventure X has seen me pursue and reach my goal this year! Yes I managed to get an agent and have experienced a number of interesting roles, all the while meeting some lovely new people and learning what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. My very first role I turned up to find out I had a small speaking part as a social worker. It was for a movie prequel being made next year in time to take to the Utah Film Festival. Another role came with the message of ‘bring a friend, the more the merrier’ so once again I took my unwitting hubby along, dressed in our finery, to be theatre goers watching a performer. We will be seen in the audience as the camera pans past the performer from the back of the stage (we’re actually going to the private screening this week which is exciting).

Other roles include a 1940’s funeral goer (they dressed me in a purple suit – can you believe that!), a client of a travel agent (Liam O’Donnell at The Travel Movement is a lovely guy for anyone wanting to book a holiday) and a patron of Lassiter’s in the long running TV series Neighbours (which was amazing considering my Adventure N was visiting the lot of Neighbours so I got to see both sides – as a visitor and as a participant). I also had a fun role of attending a Doga class (dog yoga!) for the Holden ‘You got this’ campaign. You may have seen some of the Holden ads on TV but the one I’m in is currently popping up on Instagram feeds. So once again this adventure has been an amazing experience, it’s created an additional income stream which feels like play and not work and one that will continue beyond my series of Adventures – Yay!