I decided Adventure Y had to be done at sunset on a clear night, so one evening as I was driving around I called Mike to see if he was on his way home from work on the train, which he was. So I promptly instructed him to go home, get changed into something ‘more comfortable’, feed the dog, get back on the train and meet me at Clifton Hill station. Now others may be perturbed about the 3hr trip home and back again into the city after a long day in the office but not Mike! Being the trouper that he always is he played along with my request and found himself being picked up and whisked off to his unknown destination.

We arrived at the Yarra Bend Park and alighted from the car at the top of the hill where we could see the city landscape in the distance. We had an incredible view and I was astounded to see how big the park actually was, being only 4km north east of Melbourne city centre – 642 acres of bushland, 12km of meandering Yarra River, a golf course and numerous walks and picnic spots were so close at hand I was amazed I’d never been to this beautiful spot before.

As we took in the magnificent vista I could feel myself relax and absorb the healing properties mother nature had to offer. We had a bit of time before sunset so we wandered down to the river along one of the many paths, across a bridge and spied the Studley Park Boathouse on the other side. Being a week night there weren’t many people around so it was peaceful and calm from all that surrounded us.

Heading back to our viewing spot, we sat upon a fallen gum free and watched in wonder as the sun crept slowly down towards the highrise buildings in the distance. We were high above the tree tops of the park which spanned the length and width of our view with the city skyscrapers in the background. Who knew Melbourne could look this good. Who knew we had this magnificence so close to town. Getting back to nature is always a great way to unwind and recharge – a great reminder to stop and appreciate that some of the best things in life truly are free!