Life is made up of many moving parts and GirlFUNd$ is no different. Primarily we’re about financial awareness, affordable investing and creating financial success but also recognising with that comes the ability to afford the things in life we strive for. As individual beings these are many and varied and for some of us could include material items (house, car, shoes, bags); experiences (travel, dining, hobbies) or contribution (time, money).

I really wanted to combine all my loves so have come up with the following to encapsulate the things that bring joy to my life by way of three very different categories but when you think about it they all intertwine with the GirlFUNd$ mantra of Be More, Do More, Have More.

Adventurous Spirit

Live an intentional life; embrace the journey!

A blend of travel, physical pursuits, outdoor adventures or anything that enables a feeling of being out and about and experiencing something new and exciting. This doesn’t mean we have to be super physical and jump out of aeroplanes or climb mountains – there is just as much adventure at a more measured pace just around the corner if our eyes are open and we are willing to see – you will notice this with some of the more simple pleasures in my posts here. By living an intentional life and embracing the journey we open ourselves up to incredible new experiences that we may never have thought possible.

Money Matters

Learn, strive, grow, thrive!

Providing insights and education around all things money related of which they are many and varied. Everything from earning and spending to saving and investing (and everything in between) – all part of the journey of learning and growth through the eyes and actions of someone who’s been there and succeeded in creating a life around both active and passive incomes and inviting connection with others to form a supportive tribe of likeminded souls wanting to create a better life and legacy for themselves and their loved ones.

Heart Songs

Inspiration : collaboration : celebration

The title of this category is in honour of an amazing young man called Matti Stepanek who I first saw on Oprah many years ago. He only lived to a young age (and I will do a blog on him shortly) but he was an incredible philosopher and came up with insights that he called Heartsongs. To me Heart Songs is about being aware and doing the right thing by others, appreciating that we are all different, that some of us are in a position of great fortune with either time or money to help those in need. It’s about contribution and it’s about being grateful for all that we have and appreciate all we can do. Ultimately, it’s about being conscious of where we are, what we have and how that relates to others in the world. Heart Songs may pull some ‘heart strings’ along the way but that’s life – that’s Heart Songs!