Part of the GirlFUNd$ mantra is to Have More (so you can Give More). When we are in the fortunate position to contribute time or money to our community, or causes which are close to our heart, it helps us all as a society. We feel good that we have helped someone, the recipient feels good because they have been provided assistance and the societal burden eases from the constant overflow of those in need. Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how our small contribution can make a difference in the scheme of things but even making a difference in one person’s life is a huge accomplishment – especially for that one person!

I recently noticed a post in my local community Facebook group where someone had talked about a homeless person that was frequenting a local bus stop. This post explained how she was concerned for the person but was warmed by the fact that she’d seen other people stopping and providing the occasional meal from a local takeaway place. Now this bus stop was on a busy road where hundreds of people would have passed by and seen this person every day – how many times have we perhaps witnessed such a scene ourselves! But she couldn’t get that person out of her head, as we were experiencing extremely low winter temperatures. There was a lot of engagement with her post of people expressing concern so she made it her mission to find out how to help the person to a point where he was eventually introduced to a men’s shelter.

Now this might seem like a logical action for him to take but sometimes when we are ‘in our story’ it’s hard to get beyond that. This is a classic example of someone giving of their time to help someone in need. It doesn’t always have to be a big grandiose gesture or an ongoing role or commitment, but the outcome to the recipient can potentially mean more than we could ever know. There always has been and always will be people doing it tough in the world – imagine being able to change just one person’s world! I have a friend who whenever she gets a bit of spare money together she donates to a charity called Backpack Bed for the homeless. It made me think, with the combination of the local lady directing the homeless man to a shelter and my friend donating a backpack bed, who knows, maybe those two actions alone have provided him with some warmth and hope for the future that he’s going to be okay.

If you want to check out these amazing backpack beds here’s the link: https://backpackbed.org/au/