I found myself thinking the other day that my favourite month this year was April and I longed to go back there. Why? It was the first month of lock down and I felt all the pressures of performing come to an end as I luxuriated in the relaxed daily ritual of waking when my body woke, sleeping when my brain was tired, sitting in the sun and completing work tasks at my leisure without the pressure of anyone else’s timetable. This thinking came about because of my sleep patterns and how disruptive they are to the expectations of daily life, goal setting and timetable planning. Fitting in with other people and their requirements as opposed to what my body has naturally been doing for years which is to wake after 4 or 5 hours sleep, generally around 3am, get up for 2-3 hours then go back to bed for whatever miniscule amount more of sleep I can squeeze in before starting my day – except in April! In April I allowed myself to get up in the wee hours, then return to slumber and sleep in till 10 or 11am, then begin my day and achieve the things I needed to achieve because nobody else was available and there was no need or allowability to run around.

Then I got to thinking some more. Why have I given in to convention for so long when my body obviously doesn’t fit into the societal mould when it comes to waking hours? So I’ve come to the conclusion that during this transition from freedom to lock down and back again that my transformation will include a timetable that fits for me and that everyone else can fit into My expectations, not theirs. Years ago I met a woman who would not make any appointments before 11am because she would be up late and therefore rise late. For years I’ve been wishing I could be like her but why couldn’t I? Because I was conformed to convention – because this was only a luxury saved for those at the end of their working life. Well, hello? I have my own business, I set my own hours (which is what I’ve been saying for years) then why wasn’t I setting them to suit my crazy body clock. Now it’s time, after 25 years, to honour my natural body clock and take back my life. No more crankiness through lack of sleep, no more brain fuzziness because I’m too tired, no more lethargy and inaction because of crippling overwhelm that comes from lack of sleep and tiredness. My new routine will now consist of setting expectations of tasks achieved in hourly blocks rather than time blocks. So regardless of whether I wake at 7am or 11am my daily tasks will begin when I do.

So now I can rise at 10am, begin work at 11am and complete the same amount of work in an hour that it would have previously taken me 6 hours to do through procrastination borne through foggy tiredness. Today is a new day and all the tomorrows will be better for it!