Have you ever noticed when someone achieves something significant or purchases an enviable item that others may remark ‘you’re so lucky’? I recently witnessed this when someone I know purchased a new car. I find this an interesting reaction because unless you’ve inherited money from a long lost relative or won the lottery, luck has absolutely nothing to do with achieving our goals. Careful planning, action and often times hard work come into play with the end goal of the reward being reached at the end, if we persist long enough. To dismiss this person’s dedication to work in and around family for the best part of 35 years is almost dismissing what they’ve achieved. With foresight and dedication we can all create the life of our dreams so whether it’s through education, working hard, saving or a combination of actions, there are many steps to take but when all is said and done that ‘luck’ is truly met when preparation meets opportunity. So what Luck are you creating for yourself today that your future self will thank you for!?