Sometimes we have habits that we don’t even realise we have and I was brought to a jolting holt recently when I had this ‘now obvious’ realisation. Mike and I were getting ready to have a cuppa and I was making them, and I always have my favourite cups on the left of the cupboard and his cups on the right of the cupboard, so I picked out the favourite cup I wanted to use and I went to get one of his and there was none there, so I turned around and said “you haven’t got any cups to use” because they were in the dishwasher. He turned around and said “can’t I use one of those?” Then I realised there was a whole range of cups on the left hand side that were ‘mine’ and it was ridiculous that it just hadn’t occurred to me to use one of those. So it just makes me think, while it’s great to have habits to help ourselves to keep things orderly, achieve things or get ahead financially maybe there are some habits that aren’t serving us, or others, in the best way possible. Maybe it’s time to ask ‘what are the habits that I’m forming now or have formed and are they serving me in the best possible way’ – whether it’s to do with saving, spending, investing, creating time for yourself. Anyway, I thought that was an interesting observation of habits that I would share with you because depending on what they are habits can work for or against us 🙂