I felt loved, appreciated and empowered throughout the day. I loved the laughter, fun, support, harmony and all facets of the day!

The workshop was Awesome, Magnificent, Wonderful, Amazing, Re-juvenating, Re-birthing, Repeat please!

Great women and high energy to inspire me. Good balance of information and sharing

A big thank you, very grateful

I loved Learning about a range of topics and understanding them

The emotional baggage and history I didn’t realise was so influential in my life!

Knowledge is all important. Liz is a safe, experienced, passionate presenter of information that will help women gain independence and confidence in their lives

I really enjoyed the knowledge that has been shared. Liz has explained it in a way that makes it fun – it was an enjoyable experience

I loved the content, the discussion and the conversation around people’s experiences and the vast range of money-making opportunities available worldwide

I loved the breadth of the diverse range of opportunities and the company of the other women. There was plenty to absorb, take in and digest in one session. I would strongly recommend Liz’s workshop as I see a really big opportunity for women to get involved with these activities. I think we need to help get some heads out of the sand