I remember the joy of my grandmother giving me a denim purse when I was about 10 years old. Occasionally she would give me 20c or 50c and I would diligently put it into my denim purse. I didn’t know what I was saving for but I knew I wanted to accumulate these precious coins. At the time my school had a system whereby each student would get a State Savings Bank account and the students could bring their money in their bank book each week, the school would send it off to the bank and it would return later in the week with an entry of how much was deposited and how much the total had accumulated to. There were no online transfers or statements back then!

As I became older and got a part time job, then moved into full time employment I would continually top up my bank account but I also continued to use that purse to help save for whatever took my fancy at the time. I think I still have that purse somewhere as it’s one of those sentimental things you just want to keep forever. And as for saving, well, I’ve always enjoyed watching my funds grow week after week so saving for me has always been a constant, regardless of whether it’s a dollar or a hundred dollars or more. The key is to saving success is to pay yourself first and make your budget fit what’s left not the other way around. If you go into a saving plan thinking you’ll save what’s over at the end of the month then there will inevitably be less to save –  there are always other things that can take spending precedence if we let them.

So, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to begin saving and create the outcome of your monetary desires – you just need to set the intention, create a plan and put aside whatever it is you can afford on a regular basis. The key is to be consistent and persistent, as it is with any goal you set for yourself and whether it takes a year or 10 years to reach you’ll feel accomplished and proud of your efforts for not giving up!