Being in lock down at home is certainly a challenge for many people right now so it’s important to find ways of focusing on the important things in life. I’ve always found contribution to be a great motivator for keeping spirits high. Witnessing the local community, through local Facebook groups, is certainly one way to remain connected and provide support for others and it’s heartwarming to see people offering assistance of grocery pick ups, food donations or offering ideas for recipes and activities.

In the first lock down here in Melbourne it was all about the teddy bears in the windows, rainbows of hope drawn by the local children on our pathways and early morning tribute to the ANZACs at the end of our driveways. This lock down there are small communities popping up all over the place as the ‘Spoonville’ craze takes off – creations of ‘wooden spoon people’ gathering in clusters for passersby to admire. Today in my local FB group, there was a call out for someone who’s name had been mentioned on a local radio station. I can only assume she had registered to be a part of their current game or competition.

So by the grace of someone tagging her name, she was able to call the radio station in time to win and double her salary for the day. It’s a heartwarming feeling to know that the power of community spirit is well and truly alive and that one small gesture by a complete stranger has changed the colour of another’s day, not only the recipient of the win but the community of locals cheering her on from the sidelines.