Today is the start of another 6 week lock down for us here in Melbourne so I find myself contemplating the importance of including FUN in our lives!

I’ve been thinking about the joy of reading and how many people have favourite books they like to come back to again and again. But what if we revisited the chapters of our own life stories? For those of us who travel or love taking photos how many times do we actually look back over those photos. I was thinking about the trip Mike and I took to Europe exactly 2 years ago and the 3000 photos I thought would never see the light of day again. Then when I thought about the cold winter months ahead being stuck indoors and not being able to travel north for the winter, I thought what better alternative than to revisit our Europe photos! Not only that but it’s one of the few times I’ve vigilantly kept a daily diary all the way through the 2.5 months we were away. So at the beginning of June 2020 we sat down with laptop hooked up to the TV so we could see our pics on the ‘big screeen’, hot cuppa in hand and diary at the ready to recapture the special moments. We’d left Melbourne on 26th May 2018 and flew to Europeso we began looking at all our photos from 26-30 May 2018 and re-lived our time in Barcelona. It’s amazing how much is triggered when you look at photos and the reminiscing began but having the diary there was a whole other experience of delving into the forgotten little moments of our time away. For the remainder of our ‘trip back in time’, we will sit down each Sunday, photos and diary at the ready and relive on a weekly basis what we’d done in that 1 week period 2  years ago.

So whether you want to do some memory travel to interstate or overseas destinations or relive a teenage diary, I wonder what reminiscent gems you can find when you sit down and remember those moments. And if there’s someone you can do it with, whether it’s face to face or virtually, perhaps they’ll remember things you may have forgotten (or deliberately blocked out!). So as we continue through these strange times I find myself being excited about my ‘trip back in time’ each Sunday, feet up, popcorn in hand, ready to soak up what was and contemplate what is yet to be!