When most people hear the words ‘money and finance’ their eyes glaze over. For me it’s an exciting opportunity to learn more than I’ve been taught, to do better than I’ve done in the past and to create a financial future I can look at and say ‘I did that’! Learning about money and financial awareness should be something that we all have easy access to for our own version of a better financial future but even as I say those words I almost feel my own eyes glazing over! And that’s why I think it’s so important to receive the information in a way that can be digested easily, and for me that’s where the FUN in GirlFUNd$ comes from! No-one wants to be talked to by some stuffy guy in a suit with a boring delivery, let alone made to feel inferior for not knowing what we don’t know and that’s where I come in! I get so excited when I know I can make a difference to someone’s life just through a conversation and that’s exactly the approach I’ve taken when constructing Your Fabulous Financial Future Masterclass. It’s upbeat, it’s engaging and it’s Fun and it’s all just for you! It’s directed at women for the very fact that I believe there are so many out there who have had a raw deal when it comes to either making money, saving it or potentially even knowing how much is in the family bank account or how much is owed on the mortgage. Having complete knowledge and control over our finances provides a certain level of confidence and purpose that being kept in the dark does not afford.

So why do I want you to have a Fabulous Financial Future? Because I’ve been through extreme highs and lows of financial experiences so why would I want my ‘sisterhood’ to go through the same thing when I can show you all I know from first hand experience and provide a guide to help you focus and take action towards your monetary successes. Not only that, as women, we are often the leaders in our families and so how wonderful will you feel when you can create discussion and dialogue and plan around your own family’s fabulous financial future, one that they will thank you for in years to come!

Just because you weren’t taught something at school doesn’t mean you can’t learn it now. I’m in my 50’s and am continually learning in one form or another – it’s never too late for whatever it is that you want to learn, especially when it comes to money and the awareness you have around what’s happening for you right now, or the lack thereof that needs some attention. Having step by step modules, in sizeable chunks, that you can watch in between your family and household needs is a great way to begin heading towards and reaching your financial goals. And the best thing is, because I recognise that everyone has a different learning style the course includes video, audio and pdf version, so you can take your pick!

My goal is for thousands of women to grab hold of their own financial destiny and create the fabulous financial future of their dreams and show the world we have the skill, the knowledge and the fortitude to make this happen for ourselves and our families – and I would love nothing more than for us to do it together, be champions for each other and where we can celebrate all our successes along the way!